The Sparrowhawk is in the class of fierce birds, like the eagle. Sparrowhawk has the method of binding its wings, the ability to enter the forest, and the skill of overturning its body. It has an agile body.  It has the power of spreading wings, binding the body, and seizing things. It has the courage to spiral to heaven.  In fighting, use the postures: "Sparrohawk Overturns its Body" and "Sparrowhawk Enters the Forest". "Sparrowhawk Overturns its Body" moreover is one of the eight shapes (Ba Zi Gong).


     As a base the Sparrowhawk uses "Pierce the Forest" to make the commanding posture. In doing "Pierce the Forest" to the front, you need bend the body and rise.  In fighting, one is able to unroll the body and bind the body.  It has rise, fall, overturn, and spin.  It has left and right flying and jumping.

     When you practice this form, strength moves to the arms.  It is similar to the Swallow form, yet distinct.  The Swallow form is concerned only with the rear arm. In the Sparrowhawk form, the rear arm moves to the front and the front arm moves simultaneously to the back, but neither is straight.  And in the Sparrowhawk form, the body is slightly inclined.  The Sparrowhawk form combines the shoulder, waist, and hip to make the motion. Although the Sparrowhawk form moves ahead in a straight line, nevertheless, in comparison with the Tiger form, Alligator form, and Snake form, the motion is complex.  The Sparrowhawk formís striking method uses the tip of the upper arm, raises the qi, binds the body and advances like an arrow.  The upper method is skillful, the feet below are lively.  Hold onto the idea of "Sparrowhawk" and the body will move.

  In the body there is the ability to contract the heart organ's hidden qi.  Outside it is hard, inside it is soft. If the form is done correectly then one is able to contract the post-natal primary qi and bring it to the center of the dantian. One is able to bind the body and rise, conceal the body and drop.  If the form is done wrong then the heart overexerts and the qi is contrary. The body weight will be confused, not light and lively.